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Notes: Volquez, Cardinals, Urias

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

-P- Neal Huntington offers support for Edinson Volquez:

"Barring injury, we see Edinson in our rotation to start the season. We believe in the stuff. We believe we can help him."

There's no controversy here. Volquez is going to win a rotation spot. If you're the Pirates, you can't just give someone $5 million and then not give him chances to play. (Weird little tidbit: the only players I can recall Huntington signing to major league contracts and then never using are Scott Olsen and Byung-Hyun Kim, and both of them were signed for base salaries of less than $1 million.) Besides, the next guy down the Pirates' depth chart after Volquez is Jeff Locke, who's hurt. It isn't as if anyone is banging on the door.

-P- Travis Sawchik's piece about Gregory Polanco is terrific. I'd never thought about the appearances of minor-leaguers in big-league spring training games in quite the way Rene Gayo describes them here.

-P- I wrote this really positive piece about the Cardinals' offseason.

-P- The Dodgers started 17-year-old top prospect Julio Urias in their spring training game yesterday.