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Notes: Wang, Reds, Morris

-P- Wei-Chung Wang, who the Brewers selected from the Pirates in the Rule 5 Draft, struggled in his start today, allowing three runs in 2.2 innings. He had previously pitched 8.1 scoreless innings to start the spring. The Brewers probably won't have the easiest time keeping him, given his lack of experience. Anything that hastens his return to the Pirates, and to the minors, is probably a good thing.

-P- It was painful to write glowingly about the Cardinals for MLBTR's Offseason In Review series. This one about the Reds wasn't nearly as painful. The Reds are in a tough spot, because their core is getting expensive and because their success has meant bad draft positions, which means their farm system isn't particularly strong. They gave Homer Bailey a hefty deal, but they might be in a world of hurt in a couple of years when they'll be paying Bailey and Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips a jillion dollars and trying to figure out which of Mat Latos, Johnny Cueto and Mike Leake they're going to keep. I see them as being a little like the Brewers, who ran out of steam when they stopped getting top talents from their farm system.

-P- If you haven't heard about the Scioscia-Gretzky trade yet, it's one you might want to remember if you're on a trivia team.

-P- Chris Cotillo tweets that the Pirates are more likely to trade Vin Mazzaro or Jeanmar Gomez than Bryan Morris, which makes sense, given the positive reports on Morris this spring training and given that Clint Hurdle viewed Morris as an eighth-inning guy even last year.