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Travis Ishikawa has 'good chance' at roster spot

Jon Heyman tweets that Travis Ishikawa has "a good chance" to win a roster spot and split first base with Gaby Sanchez.

It would be extremely disappointing if Ishikawa got the job over Lambo, and the Pirates should only give Ishikawa the job if they feel that being in the big leagues right now would harm Lambo's development, or something like that. As Triple-A depth options go, he's fine, but as the big end of a platoon, he has no upside whatsoever, being 30 and having amassed a grand total of 1.6 WAR in the big leagues. In a year in which the Pirates are supposed to contend, going into the season with Ishikawa as Plan A against righties will have been a big, big fail on Neal Huntington's part. I bet they still go with Lambo, terrible spring training performance and all.