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Dry Land now available

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My book, Dry Land, is finally available!

You can find physical copies at CreateSpace. (You can also get it at Amazon, and I thank you no matter where you buy it, but I get a much higher royalty at CreateSpace, so please consider buying it there.)

You can get the Kindle version and other ebook versions at Smashwords, or you can get the Kindle version at Amazon.

There's a reading at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Pittsburgh on April 9 at 7:00. You'll also be able to buy the book there.

Again, here's the synopsis:

Dry Land follows Pittsburgh Pirates fans as they navigate the longest streak of losing seasons in the history of major American pro sports. The Bucs' 20-year drift raises provocative questions about why we root for sports teams in the first place. Why would fans invest emotionally in a team with so little to offer? And why do fans who openly describe themselves as "masochistic" and "delusional" stick around?

Charlie Wilmoth chronicles the losing streak and explains how the Bucs finally built a team strong enough to challenge it. Meanwhile, he profiles fans in their teens and twenties who have never seen the Pirates win, and older ones waiting for the team's first winning season in a generation. Stir-crazy after two decades at sea, fans of all ages seethe at the Pirates' ownership and at each other, all while holding out hope that next year might somehow be different. Their loyalty is either inspiring or insane. And after two decades of choppy water, their luck is finally about to change.