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Notes: Jeff Locke stops workout with oblique issues

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates beat the Rays 10-5 Saturday. Russell Martin went 2-for-3 with a three-run homer, and Starling Marte, Gaby Sanchez, Josh Harrison and Carlos Paulino all collected two hits. Francisco Liriano pitched three innings and allowed one run. Minor-league signee Adam Wilk pitched three scoreless innings of relief.

-P- Jeff Locke had to stop pitching yesterday because his ailing oblique continued to bother him, Tom Singer reports. It may not be serious, but it's unclear when he'll be able to return to the mound. If Wandy Rodriguez is ready to go, Locke didn't look likely to make the 25-man roster, but depth, obviously, is important.

-P- The Cardinals signed Matt Carpenter long-term. I wouldn't have been in any rush to lock him up, since he had four more years before being eligible for free agency and since he got such a late start to his MLB career. He did have an amazing season last year, though. The Andrew McCutchen extension actually seems to have been the template for Carpenter's deal -- both are six-year deals with a team option, and both were signed when the player was between two and three years of service time. McCutchen's deal is $51.5MM, and Carpenter's is $52MM. McCutchen is obviously a much more valuable property, which shows how much extension values have risen in the past couple seasons.