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Cardinals sign Aledmys Diaz

Rob Carr

The Cardinals' new-look infield just got new-lookier, as they signed Cuban shortstop Aledmys Diaz to a four-year deal. Diaz's listed age is 23, and he profiles as a fringy shortstop or a decent defensive second baseman with limited power but the ability to hit for average. How the Cardinals plan to use him is unclear, since they've currently got Jhonny Peralta signed long-term to be their shortstop, plus Kolten Wong and Mark Ellis at second. They could have Diaz spend some of this season in the minors, then groom him for, at least, a utility role when Ellis leaves.

As with most Cuban signings, it's not yet totally clear what the Cardinals are getting here, but it's still always a shame to see them add talent. With the additions of Peralta, Diaz and Ellis, their infield looks a lot deeper than it was last year.