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Postgame reaction: Bucs roll over the Brewers, 11-2

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Postgame reaction from both clubhouses:

Clint Hurdle

On Josh Harrison's pinch hit home run in the 7th that put the Pirates up 4-2:

It's funny how the game works out. He tried to get the bunt down, it didn't work, move on. Let's see what you can make happen. Guy threw him a breaking ball that hung over the middle of the plate and he put a real nice swing on it. Real happy for him.

On the offensive approach against Yovani Gallardo:

We were able to stretch counts out. Didn't chase. Took some strikes obviously, but got him to a good place. You just like when you can push a quality starter out because of his pitch count. To get a good pitcher out of there in six innings because of his pitch count means you've done some yard work at the plate.

On Edinson Volquez's start:

Most impressive number tonight is that he retired 20 hitters on three pitches or less. Each one of the starts we've seen him, the pitch count has been in a very efficient place. Only one three-ball count on the evening. First pitch strikes, 16 of 28. He comes right at you ... His fastball played really effectively tonight. His fastball was the pitch that kept getting him outs. The changeup kept them off the fastball that made it play bigger.

Overall offensive approach:

Priority number one this season for each guy is to work on getting on base. We have got to continue to work hard on getting each individual to improve their on base percentage. We need to get on base more.

Edinson Volquez

What can I say? It was good. First win with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Great feeling.

On getting ahead in the count:

That's part of the process. We worked on it in Spring Training, on getting ahead in the count early. That's what I bring to the game. It's easier for me to stay in the game longer and not work against too many (hitters).

On being matched up against some really good opposing pitchers:

I've pitched against those guys a lot of times in my career. So, it's nothing new to me. (Gallardo) is a great competitive guy. He can compete with anybody. So that's what I try to do, stay in the game as long as he can.

Josh Harrison

On his home run:

I felt pretty good about that one coming off the bat. Thank god I was put in the position to help the team. I didn't get the bunt down, but baseball is a game of adjustments, you've got to be able to go from one extreme to the other sometimes.

Yovani Gallardo

On his start:

It started with the first hitter of the game, I was trying to do way too much. I walked a guy and then the pitch against McCutchen was just up. I tried to go down and away and it went right over the middle, thigh high. Obviously against a hitter like that you can't make those types of mistakes ... I felt good, but obviously the command wasn't there.

On Volquez: Does it look like he is doing anything different this year?

He is attacking guys, to be honest. He is throwing the ball over the plate. He's always had good stuff. He's going after hitters. Obviously he has a good changeup and a pretty good curveball to keep guys off balance. His last two starts, at home against us and today, he's done a pretty job mixing things up, and against our kind of lineup that's not easy to do.

Any advice for Wang after his tough outing:

The main thing is to stay positive. You can ask anybody, any of the pitchers here, we've all been in that situation. The last thing you want for a guy is for him to start doubting. He's got good stuff, days like this are going to happen.

Ron Roenicke

It was a good ballgame until the 7th inning. We didn't do well offensively and then we let it get away from us out there defensively.

On Volquez:

He did the same thing (last time). He commanded the ball. His fastball is good, he throws it to both sides. Its got movement on it. And a good changeup and curveball.

Wang's confidence:

Yeah, it's tough, here's a guy who was in rookie ball last year. Hopefully he can get beyond this because as long as he is here, he is going to have to pitch.