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Postgame reaction: Morton roughed up in Bucs' 5-3 loss

Justin K. Aller

Postgame reaction from the Pirates clubhouse:

Clint Hurdle

On Ike Davis:

He'll definitely be a participant over at first base. The guy is not far removed from being a run-producer at the major-league level. We've been in conversations on and off. They went away. Obviously they started back up. And we look at him as a very good acquisition for us. He (fits into) our plan to go out and acquire guys who have experienced success and aren't maybe in the best places right now. Sometimes a change of environment helps things play out.

On Morton's struggles after the third inning:

The timing (of his delivery was off). He spun out of his delivery a couple of times. Very solid first three innings, then you saw the challenges that came up in the fourth, fifth and a little bit in the sixth.

Leaving 11 runners on base tonight:

We hit some balls hard. Russell murdered the ball to left field and it didn't leave. Walker hit the ball hard. There were a lot of bats in between. Strikeouts, we might of chased a ball out of the strike zone on the one. Marte's pop up in the infield, it was close. He's looking to tie the game on a fastball that may have had more late movement than he anticipated. We just weren't able to get that at bat when we needed it tonight.

Ever seen the cover knocked off a ball before?

Never, never, ever.

Jordy's ankle

I don't know. I'll know more tomorrow.

Charlie Morton

That fourth inning, it was crucial that I execute pitches and I didn't.

For the most part I started guys off 0-1. I started off counts ahead and I was throwing strikes for the most part. But even some of those strikes I was throwing were just misses. I would aim a sinker in and it would end up away. I guess it's repeatability, but it's also just basic execution.


  • The Pirates first three hitters got on base nine times and scored once.
  • Pirates' starting pitchers now have a cumulative 4.33 ERA, 10th highest in MLB.
  • Pirates' starting pitchers have the second highest HR/FB percentage in MLB: 19.3 percent
  • Pirates starting pitchers not named Volquez: 85 IP, 9.2 H/9, 3.1 BB/9, 7.8 K/9, 1.69 HR/9, 4.87 ERA