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Postgame reaction: Wandy struggles again, Bucs drop 8-7 decision

Vincent Pugliese

Postgame reaction from both clubhouses:

Clint Hurdle

On Wandy Rodriguez's start:

We saw some good signs. We didn't handle the ball well enough for him in the third inning. More pitches up today than in the previous outing. That was the challenge for him, keeping the ball down tonight.

Ike Davis

On his successful offensive debut with the Bucs:

I hit the ball decently tonight. I always try to get a walk and a knock in a game, that's the goal. We just fell a little short tonight. Grilli's going to shut it down more often than not.

Wandy Rodriguez

Location is the problem:

I have a problem with my location. I miss a lot. I have in my mind to throw the ball down, but I'm missing. I don't know, I'm missing a lot. You're seeing a lot of fly balls because the ball is a little high ... If I had a 98 mph fastball I could go up. But I don't throw at that speed, so I need to have perfect location.

Any arm discomfort?

No, my arm [feels] good. Nothing wrong with my arm.

On his velocity:

It's the same. I'm throwing the same speed, 90-91 mph, I never throw faster than that. I'm just up, I need better location.

Jason Grilli

Reaction to blown save:

Soon as I leave here [I'll forget about tonight]. we have a game tomorrow.

More upset about missing with [Jean] Segura. Missing with a breaking pitch that he swung at and was able to get over the shortstop's head. On an 0-2 pitch you don't want to give him anything to leave it to chance.

Ron Roenicke

On Ryan Braun's night:

Those two balls, that's impressive. That first ball he hit out, to hit a ball out to center field is hard enough, but that ball was on a line. He back-spun that thing the whole way.

That second ball versus Grilli, he killed that too. It's hard, usually when Grilli comes in the game it's hard. It's hard to get a run off him.

Winning ugly:

We won another game we probably shouldn't have won. Our offense, it's incredible what they have done. Hopefully we can keep up with that.

Things are going really well when you play the way we have the last two games and you win the games. You know things are going well. Something going really well. Either the pitching is going really well or the offense.

That's a good pitching team over there, for us to get runs like that, it's not easy to do. It is impressive.

Ryan Braun

It's definitely an encouraging sign that we're winning games we shouldn't be winning. We didn't play very good baseball, we made a lot of mistakes.

On the booing:

I embrace the challenge of the atmosphere and an environment like this. As a competitor, I think it makes it enjoyable. Either they're going to be really happy or I'm going to enjoy it.


- Wandy Rodriguez's game scores this season: 54, 36, 32, and 36.

- Pirates starters not named Volquez: 2 wins - 8 losses, 89 IP, 93 Hits, 17 HR, 5.05 ERA.

- Pedro Alvarez's BABIP: .116, lowest among all qualified position players.

- Jason Grilli: April through July, 2013: .240 OBP; Since: .390 OBP.