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Pirates near bottom in 2014 draft, international bonus pools


Jim Callis (via Pirates Prospects) lists the draft bonus pool and international bonus pool figures for 2014. As you might expect given the Pirates' strong season in 2013, these pools aren't kind to the Bucs. They get $5.61 million in their draft pool, 21st out of 30. Their international pool of $1.93 million ranks 26th.

This is the ugly side of having a good season. MLB has made only token attempts to help small-market teams in the draft, which means that once you're good enough to fall out of the top ten picks, you're pretty much on your own. (In addition to the No. 24 overall pick in the first round and No. 65 in the second round, the Bucs also have a competitive balance pick after the second round -- that's something, but it's not much.) The Brewers have run into trouble in recent years after they stopped receiving early-round picks, and even the Rays recently haven't gotten much from their drafts.

Internationally, too, the Pirates have little to work with, particularly in a season in which the Yankees have already said they plan to go even more bonkers than the Cubs did last year. And while Rene Gayo is a smart guy and all, the Bucs' tiny international bonus figure isn't something to shrug off -- yes, he's capable of signing a great player for $100,000, but the more money he gets, the better his odds will be of finding one.