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Postgame reaction from both clubhouses

Justin K. Aller

Reaction from the Pirates' and Cardinals' clubhouses:

Clint Hurdle

On Francisco Liriano's start:

I think there were some technical difficulties in the first. One little mechanical glitch that he was battling with through the first inning. He settled down in the second inning and he got on a nice roll. Settled in and gave us a good chance to win the game.

On the runners left on base:

Multiple opportunities tonight. It is that number at the end of our line [the left on base number] that caused us the most troubles. We had opportunities in four of the six innings ... and we weren't able to cash in.

Francisco Liriano

On tonight's start:

I felt like I didn't have my stuff tonight. I was missing my spots with a couple pitches. Also you have to give some credit to the hitters. I think I made some nice pitches down and away and they found a way to hit it. That first inning I was just trying to locate my pitches.

Did the weather play a role?:

It didn't bother me at all. Just one of those nights that I didn't have my stuff.

Mechanical issue in the first inning?

No, I don't think so. They just have some good hitters. They hit some good pitches down, and I made a couple of mistakes. That's just part of the game.

Mike Matheny

On Cardinals' approach vs. Liriano:

We got more pitches to handle, which comes back to approach. Without really watching the film to see how fine he was, I'm sure from their side he just didn't make the pitches he wanted to make. Which gets back to our approach making him make more pitches over the middle of the plate. So, it just kind of goes around and around.

Yadier Molina

On success against Liriano tonight:

Finally (laugh). Liriano was missing down the middle a lot. We were able to hit those mistakes. But he's been tough on us since last year. But I'm glad we put something together and got the win.