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Pirates to promote Brandon Cumpton, possibly Nevin Ashley

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates will promote Brandon Cumpton to be the 26th man for their doubleheader against the Yankees on Sunday, Dan Zangrilli reports. Cumpton will presumably pitch out of the bullpen. Zangrilli also writes that catcher Nevin Ashley will join the team as well, as Tony Sanchez has an unspecified injury. It's currently unclear whether the Pirates will add Ashley to their active roster, but Zangrilli says that he has left the Indianapolis club. It could be that the Bucs want Ashley to join them just in case Sanchez can't play, particularly given that there's a doubleheader.

Ashley is hitting .303/.361/.461 so far this season for Indianapolis. He's a big guy who's almost 30 and probably isn't suited to be a starting MLB catcher for any significant period of time, but as depth options go, you could do a lot worse, and it isn't as if Sanchez has been lighting the world on fire anyway.