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Notes: Tony Sanchez, Polanco, free agents

Joe Sargent

A few quick notes:

-P- Ken Rosenthal's new column contains several bits on the Pirates, including one about how Tony Sanchez is working on his throwing.

“His blocking is phenomenal,” [Russell] Martin said. “He needs to keep working on his throwing, the consistency of it, repeating his mechanics -- kind of like a pitcher does. It comes from repetition.”

Elsewhere in the column, Nick Leyva explains that the Pirates shift so much in part in response to the tendencies of their pitchers, not so much the hitters they're opposing.

-P- The Fan's morning show interviews Kyle Stark, who explains why the Pirates haven't yet promoted Gregory Polanco. As you might expect, Stark doesn't discuss Polanco's arbitration situation much.

-P- Tim Dierkes ranks next offseason's top free agents.