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2014 MLB mock draft: BA has Pirates taking Kyle Schwarber


The Pirates are picking at No. 24 overall in the draft this year, which makes guessing who their top pick will be both a lot less interesting and a lot more difficult than in years past. That's especially true given that, as usual, they won't pick for need. But with the draft coming up in a few weeks, it can't hurt to get familiar with the bigger names.

Baseball America's latest mock draft (not subscriber-only!) has the Astros taking California high school pitcher Brady Aiken with the first overall pick. The Marlins take California high school C/OF Alex Jackson at No. 2, which allows N.C. State's Carlos Rodon to fall to the White Sox at No. 3 and Texas high school pitcher Tyler Kolek to drop to the Twins at No. 5. In this scenario, the Pirates end up taking Indiana C/OF Kyle Schwarber, a lefty power hitter. He might not be able to stick at catcher, and could wind up in the outfield. (The Pirates have lots of outfield talent, but they won't, and shouldn't, care about that.) He could also move to first base.