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Pirates lose 5-0


The Pirates got only six hits in a 5-0 game that I'm glad I didn't watch.

I was too busy to see Charlie Morton walk four batters and allow three runs in 5.1 innings, Had I been paying attention, which I wasn't, I surely would have rolled my eyes when Morton allowed a run on a wild pitch while Bartolo Colon was at the plate, and I surely would have gritted my teeth when, an inning later, Daniel Murphy got all the way to third on a play that featured errors by both Pedro Alvarez and Jordy Mercer, then came home on David Wright's line-drive single.

I was away from the television when, in the eighth, Bryan Morris walked Curtis Granderson and then allowed a no-doubt two-run homer to Lucas Duda. Had I been watching the game, which I wasn't, I surely would have shrugged and nodded approval at the Pirates' decision to allow Morris to merely make a bad game worse rather than ruining a perfectly enjoyable one.

I would surely have been frustrated by an offensive effort that featured nine strikeouts, one walk, and no runners advancing even to third base. That is, if I had watched this game, which I didn't.