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Pirates promote Phil Irwin, option Jeff Locke


In need of a bit of extra help in their bullpen, the Pirates have announced that they've promoted Phil Irwin and sent Jeff Locke back to Indianapolis.

It's been a long road back to the big leagues for Irwin, who still only has one major-league appearance -- a start last season -- in his career. After emerging as a modestly promising prospect in 2012, he missed most of last season due to elbow issues. Now the Pirates have decided he's a reliever, and he's made a handful of long-relief-type appearances for Indianapolis. He hasn't pitched since May 1, so he should be ready to go five innings or so if the Pirates decide to lose a 26-inning game tonight.

And if you're wondering about the picture, Irwin has that same "Most Interesting Man In The World" look for all the promo photos in SB Nation's database. He certainly looks like someone who was aware he wouldn't be in the minors long.