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Postgame: In reversal of fortune, Bucs win, 2-1

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Reaction to The Riverside Review

Obviously, the two teams had differing views on how the game ended.

Asked if he thought he was safe, Starling Marte didn't hesitate.

"Yes, yes," Marte said. "Because when you saw the replay, I took my hand away."

Clint Hurdle said that he didn't know at the time if Marte was safe or not, but he might have "rolled the dice" and challenged the call regardless of what the bench signaled to him. Ultimately, however, he said he got the thumbs-up to go-ahead with the challenge.

Buster Posey initially thought the play was a "no-brainer" based on how quickly the call was overturned. But after looking at the replay and seeing how close it was, he said he was surprised the umpired reversed the call so quickly.

"To me, it's inconclusive whether my hand is on his chest before he hits the plate or not," Posey said. "I was just kind of surprised how quickly it was overturned."

A clearly-irritated Tim Hudson was annoyed not only by tonight's call, but expressed a dislike for the whole replay system.

"That's the kind of baseball we live in nowadays, with the instant replay," Hudson said. "I've seen closer plays not get turned over, so it's a little hard to swallow."

Bruce Bochy had not yet seen the replay when he met with reporters, but he said that he thought the throw was there in time, and that Marte just eluded the tag, like he had done yesterday at second base.

"It's a strange feeling," Bochy said. "You have a euphoric feeling when he calls him out, couple minutes later it's a downer."

Starling Marte a fan of replay ... sometimes

This quote may not translate well without the audio and video, but Starling Marte made the media bunched around his locker crack up when he was asked if he was a fan of instant replay.

"Yeah," he said quickly with a smile. "Sometimes, yes."

A streak is broken

Charle Morton pitched a gem tonight, going eight innings, allowing three hits, one run, none earned. It was the first gem (65 game score or higher) thrown by a Pirates' starter since Brandon Cumpton's got one against the Reds on April 24.

By making it through six innings, Morton broke the string of eight games of sub-six inning starts by Pirates' pitchers.

"Just what he and we needed, with the exception of the win," Hurdle said, making slightly sarcastic reference to the three wins Pirates starters have earned in 33 games. "Nobody was more pumped than Charlie after his outing ... The pitches he made to the top four hitters (in the Giants lineup) are as good a sequence I've seen him make."

Bad timing

Heading into tonight, the Pirates were 3-9 in their last 12 games. A lot of the losing had to do with a pronounced lack of synergy between the offense and pitching. When the pitching was good, the offense was completely absent; when the hitting picked-up, the pitching exploded. Just another example of some of the misfortune that has plagued this team in the first month-plus of the season.

April 22- April 27: .448 OPS; 3.12 ERA, 0 inherited score percentage

May 1-May 5: .843 OPS; 5.68 ERA, 55 percent IS%

Tonight, the Bucs reverted to late-April style, with little hitting and good pitching.