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Pirates reportedly to sign Mitch Keller

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Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Des Moines Register is reporting that the Pirates have agreed to terms with second-round pick Mitch Keller.  The paper states that he'll fly to Pittsburgh on Thursday.  Keller, a right-handed pitcher who attended high school in Iowa, had a commitment to North Carolina.  He figured to require significant overslot money to sign.

Via Pirates Prospects.

UPDATE:  Pirates Prospects is also reporting that the Pirates have signed their 28th-round pick, RHP Nick Neumann.  He's a senior drafted out of Central Connecticut State.

UPDATERER:  Jim Callis tweets that 8th-rounder Austin Coley, a RHP from Belmont University, has also signed.  Callis says that Coley will get $125,000.  Slot is $153,900.

UPDATEREST:  And also also 16th-round pick Sam Street, an Australian RHP from the University of Texas Pan American.  Street is a sidearm thrower.