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Reds blow out Pirates, 11-4

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds scored seven runs -- all of them charged to Edinson Volquez -- in the third en route to an 11-4 win.

I'm not in much mood to dissect it, and I was at a concert tonight anyway. The third inning included a really irritating play in which Stolmy Pimentel threw out Devin Mesoraco on a force play at the plate, but after a review, the umpires called Mesoraco safe on an obstruction ruling, even though Russell Martin was on the plate rather than in front of it. It's not clear to me how Martin is supposed to record an out on a force play in that situation. Anyway, that ruling got Clint Hurdle thrown out.

The game was out of control even before that, so it probably didn't matter. The Reds had eight by the end of the third and another by the end of the fourth. The Bucs scored some runs later, but they all came in garbage time. There was a lengthy rain delay, and by the time it ended, nearly everyone was gone. So no one saw Travis Snider pitch the ninth and allow two runs but strike out Joey Votto, so ... whatever.

On a positive note, Gregory Polanco singled and doubled to extend his career-beginning hit streak to eight games. Let's just end with that.