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Pirates boot Jason Grilli from closer role

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have demoted Jason Grilli from the closer role to lower-leverage situations. Mark Melancon will do most of the closing in Grilli's place, although Tony Watson could also close from time to time.

This should have happened earlier, at least before yesterday's game. It's good to see that Clint Hurdle is coming to his senses, even if it's a bit too late.

By the way, Grilli's comment on his demotion is so very Grilli:

"I've walked through fire before. This is nothing. I'll get through it."

I can see it coming: "I've walked on water, I've walked on a rusty nail, and I've walked through a soup line on the Triple-A disabled list. I've been shot, I've stepped on a land mine, and I've been smacked by Jeff Gillooly. I will be resurrected." It's Just My Game (Again): Prophetic Year! II Electric Boogaloo, y'all. He is rising.