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Notes: Polanco, Walker, Wacha, Correa

Justin K. Aller

I haven't done many notes posts recently, but I'm happy to bump my trainwreck of a game recap a bit further down the page, so here's one. (Do check out David Manel's excellent interviews with Alen Hanson and Adrian Sampson if you haven't, though.)

-P- In case you missed it, I wrote a big piece for MLBTR about the Gregory Polanco situation and what can be done to avoid incentivizing delaying players' promotion timelines because of service time issues. I wasn't sure anything all that productive could be done, but then I talked to some of my MLBTR colleagues, and they came up with some good ideas. The summary is that you'd probably have to keep some sort of service time threshold in place that determines how long teams control players before they hit free agency, and as long as there's a threshold, teams will have incentive to manipulate it. But you could eliminate Super Two (read the piece to see how that would work) or (even better) soften it so that all players with between two and three years of service time receive prorated Super Two salaries. That would, at least, reduce the number of thresholds from two to one, and it would also eliminate the uncertainty of when the Super Two threshold even is, since teams promoting players in May or June now can only estimate when the threshold will be for those players.

-P- Neil Walker should return Tuesday.

-P- Michael Wacha is heading to the disabled list with shoulder trouble.

-P- Carlos Correa, the first overall pick by the Astros in the 2012 draft, suffered an ankle injury this weekend. The severity isn't really known, but he'll have to head to the DL.