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Cole Tucker to make pro debut

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Tucker tweets that he will make his pro debut today. He'll be in the GCL. Tim Williams also notes that seventh-rounder Nelson Jorge and 21st-rounder Eric Thomas will make their GCL debuts as well.

The GCL team began its games a few days ago, and outfielder Michael De La Cruz and infielder Julio De La Cruz, two big-bonus players from a couple years back, are among those who have already made their GCL debuts. (The two De La Cruzes are not related.) Mitch Keller and Trey Supak will likely start at that level as well.

It's pretty much impossible to make heads or tails of GCL statistics, unfortunately, but if you happen to be in Bradenton, this would be a good year to watch that team, since there will be a number of interesting talents there.