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Gregory Polanco, Pirates still discussing extension

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Enrique Rojas reports (Spanish-language link) that Gregory Polanco and the Pirates are still discussing a long-term deal.

Roughly translated, Polanco says he is letting his agent deal with the contract, but he denies pretty emphatically that discussions ended when he rejected the seven-year offer that came to light in May. "You never grab the first offer," he says.

Obviously, an extension for Polanco could be a boon for the Pirates, since he's got a good a chance as pretty much anyone of developing into a superstar. It would also provide Polanco long-term security even if that doesn't happen. The Pirates currently control Polanco's rights through 2020, and he is unlikely to be a Super Two player, so negotiations for an extension would have to begin with that in mind. Without a deal, he'll only make about $2 million through 2017, so without an extension, he'll have to prove himself (and avoid getting seriously hurt) for quite awhile before he begins making big money. Chances are he'll do just that, of course, but that has to weigh on a player's mind when he's turning down an extension offer that guarantees tens of millions.