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David Price FAQs

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Will the Pirates trade for David Price?

Anything's possible, but the Pirates trading for David Price isn't very high on the list of possible things. There's no recent precedent for the Pirates making a huge trade for an established superstar. Price would cost a ton in prospects, and while his salaries for the next year and a half are reasonable given his performance, he won't be cheap, which surely will be a factor for the Pirates. And if the Pirates do trade for a star, they'll likely want one who's not eligible for free agency for a few more years. It's getting trickier to find such players, since so many teams are signing good young players to long-term deals. But that's the kind of trade I could see them aiming for, if they're going to aim high. A pitcher with a year and a half of team control remaining who will cost top prospects and who will make about $25 million before he becomes a free agent, no.

Hold out a smidgen of hope, if you like. The Brewers, after all, traded for C.C. Sabathia and Zack Greinke. But there isn't much in the Pirates' recent history that suggests a David Price trade is in any way likely, and there are plenty of obstacles in their way. So the amount of discussion about this seems out of proportion.

Don't you want David Price to pitch for the Pirates?

Of course. That doesn't make it likely.

I really think the Pirates will consider this.

Aren't you the one who just said Bob Nutting skimps on 2-ply toilet paper at PNC Park so he can pay for a new ski lift?

But couldn't the Pirates just offer Pedro Alvarez and Edinso ...