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Report: Pirates to promote Gregory Polanco Friday

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tim at P2 reports that Gregory Polanco will be activated on Friday.

UPDATE by Charlie: The Pirates deny that they will promote Polanco Friday, although other writers have confirmed Tim's report. We'll see.

UPDATE by Charlie: Polanco will reportedly head to Pittsburgh tomorrow. The threshold for Super Two eligibility is nebulous, but the Pirates should be past it at this point. Unless there are other roster shakeups, Travis Snider could be designated for assignment to make room for Polanco. Snider and Polanco are both left-handed, and Snider has played sparingly recently. He also hasn't hit well when he has played, and he isn't officially under contract beyond this year.

There isn't much point in projecting how Polanco will do in the majors; we've spent the last two months talking about it, and we'll find out soon enough anyway. In the long term, obviously, he could be a superstar, and here's hoping the Pirates will be able to sign him to an extension at some point soon. Polanco is hitting .351/.410/.547 for Indianapolis.