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Pirates 2014 draft: A look at Day Two picks Jordan Luplow, Taylor Gushue and Michael Suchy

Jared Wickerham

We're really into the I'm-not-totally-sure-what's-going-on-here portion of the draft, and without Baseball America and I'd be lost, but it looks like the Pirates got about the talent that might be expected, or maybe a bit better, in the third through fifth rounds.

In the third round, the Pirates took Fresno State outfielder Jordan Luplow, who had ranked as the No. 94 prospect in the draft, noting that he has good bat speed but doesn't have any other outstanding tools. Baseball America ranked him the No. 103 prospect and noted that he posted huge numbers in his junior season. He looks like he could have a plus bat, which is good, since it looks like he'll have to be a corner outfielder.

In the fourth round, it was University of Florida catcher Taylor Gushue, who ranked at No. 106 and Baseball America ranked at No. 107. BA describes him as a "below-average hitter" but seems to think he has potential behind the plate even though he didn't throw out many runners this year. He mostly played mostly first base in his freshman season because Mike Zunino was playing catcher, so he may be a little bit inexperienced behind the plate. He graduated a semester early from high school and went straight to Florida, so he's young for a college player, at just 20.

In the fifth round, the Pirates selected outfielder Michael Suchy from Florida Gulf Coast. Baseball America ranked him No. 217, and he was not in's top 200 prospects. He's big (6-foot-3, 220 pounds) and toolsy, with good speed and strength, but notes that some scouts doubt his hit tool, thinking he might turn out to have strikeout issues.