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Interviews with Edinson Volquez and Jim Benedict

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

A couple interesting interviews on my show yesterday on 970 ESPN that I thought I'd share here as the Bucs get ready to take on the Reds. I had a chance to speak with Edinson Volquez about his second career complete game and the fact that he didn't look at the scouting report, why he chose the Pirates this past offseason and the work he does with both Ray Searage and Jim Benedict.

I also spoke with Jim Benedict who is Special Assistant to GM Neal Huntington and one of the behind-the-scenes guys who is responsible for identifying and developing Pirates pitchers. Some interesting stuff about being courted by the Phillies in the offseason, the process of identifying and working with Francisco Liriano and Volquez, the status of some of the Pirates top minor league prospects and his opinion of Russell Martin among other things.

You can find all my baseball-related podcasts on the pages linked above. Yesterday I also had Jonah Keri, discussing the NL Central and Clayton Kershaw, and Lance McAllister, previewing the Reds series, on the show.