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Padres to trade Huston Street to Angels

Denis Poroy

The Padres are trading closer Huston Street to the Angels. The Pirates had reportedly asked about Street, although as I noted at the time, there are probably better deals to be had out there, given the usual markup for Proven Closers (which the Pirates don't necessarily need) compared to plain-old good relievers (which the Pirates do need). I would have been surprised if the Bucs had landed him.

The Padres are giving up Street and minor league reliever Trevor Gott in exchange for Taylor Lindsey (a pretty good infield prospect who's close to the majors, and one of the best talents in a very bad Angels minor league system), R.J. Alvarez (a very good relief prospect, if such a thing exists, who might soon do a pretty decent Huston Street impersonation in the big leagues), Jose Rondon (a very young infield prospect who's hit well at Class A+) and another player. That's an excellent haul for the Padres, and one the Bucs were wise not to match. Lindsey and Alvarez by themselves should have been plenty, but Rondon could easily emerge as the best player in this deal. (EDIT: Gott is going to the Angels, not the Padres. My fault.)