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Frieri happens as Pirates lose 8-1 to Rockies

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So the Pirates got shut down by Brett Anderson, and then Charlie Morton gave up a triple to DJ LeMahieu and a double to Josh Rutledge in the third, and then Morton started missing his spots and gave up three straight hits in the seventh, and then Ernesto Frieri entered the game, and we discovered that struggling fly ball pitcher plus Coors Field equals FREAK GASOLINE FIGHT ACCIDENT!!!!!

I like Frieri. I think he has good stuff; I think some of his struggles this season are probably fluky; I think there's a pretty good chance he'll recover from whatever's going on with him right now and return to his regularly scheduled big-league career. The Pirates just can't continue like this, however. When Frieri entered the game, it wasn't looking good, but the Pirates were only down 2-0 in a game at Coors Field. When he had finished doing his thing, it was 8-0. The Pirates put a bunch of runners on in the ninth. That could have mattered, but it didn't. This was a winnable game that Frieri quickly made unwinnable. The Pirates are a contending team. They lost this trade, and it's probably time to move on.