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Pirates again lose 8-1, proving that existence is arbitrary and deeply unpleasant

Doug Pensinger

I wrote something like 14 posts today for MLBTR and watched tonight's game in a fog of restless sleep, getting an impression for an inning or two before drifting off again, and what struck me most clearly was that it all seemed somehow unfair. The Pirates don't get to beat the Rockies simply because they're better. The Bucs don't get to win this game simply because it's important. SB Nation's photo database does not get to have photos of this game simply because it happened. Andrew McCutchen does not get to make everything right by hitting six-run home runs simply because he's the best. Jeff Locke's night does not end early simply because I would like it to. Brent Morel and Michael Martinez do not immediately take a plane back to Indianapolis simply because I think it would be wise. Gregory Polanco will not automatically become a combination of Darryl Strawberry, Mozart and Superman simply because it's his destiny. Jeanmar Gomez does not avoid Jeanmar Gomez-like outings simply because I think he should. My friend's dog does not stand on its hind legs and pee in the toilet simply because it would be convenient. The world's rainclouds do not drop paychecks and ice cream simply because it would be awesome. The Pirates will not win 12 straight World Series simply because it would be magnificent and just. Sometimes the world feels like a cold, dark, lonely place.