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Pirates trade rumors: Bucs scouting Red Sox bullpen

Mike Carlson

The Pirates are scouting the Red Sox' bullpen, Gordon Edes reports. This makes some sense -- now we have another explanation as to why the Pirates had scouts at the David Price/Jon Lester matchup the other day.

Anyway, the Red Sox have a bunch of relievers who might be available: Andrew Miller, Burke Badenhop, Craig Breslow, Felix Doubront, Edward Mujica, and perhaps Koji Uehara. (There's also Junichi Tazawa, who Edes doesn't mention.) Breslow and Mujica don't have any value, and Doubront is more of a buy-low type of guy, but Miller, Badenhop, Uehara and Tazawa would all be potentially helpful. For a bad team, the Red Sox have more than their share of really good relievers.

That said, Edes mentions Josh Bell and Austin Meadows at the end of his piece, and I still can't see the Pirates giving up anyone that good, at least not in a 1-for-1 deal. You shouldn't have to give up really good prospects for relievers, especially not for rentals like Miller, Uehara and Badenhop. Miller and Uehara are very, very good, but if it takes Josh Bell to get one of them, I'd look elsewhere.