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Pirates make three more international signings


Here are a few more international signings to go with Yondry Contreras and Brian Sousa, whose signings we noted earlier:

SS Christopher Perez, Dominican Republic, $150,000: He's 16 and trained with Raul Valera, who also trained Michael de la Cruz before the Pirates signed him two years ago.

LHP Domingo Robles, Dominican Republic, $175,000: Currently tops out at 87 MPH, but that's not such a big deal when you're 6-foot-2 and left-handed. The Pirates are surely hoping he'll add velocity.

C Gabriel Brito, Dominican Republic, $200,000.

Among these five guys, the Pirates have spent $1,085,000 on bonuses since yesterday.

UPDATE: You can add Dominican LHP Roger Santana for $100,000.