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Pirates agree to terms with Gage Hinsz

Jared Wickerham

The Pirates have agreed to terms with 11th-round pick Gage Hinsz, Jim Callis tweets. Hinsz will get $580,000 to skip out on his commitment to Oregon State. The signing means that the Bucs have agreed to terms with all their picks from the first 22 rounds. They're almost certainly done with significant signings now, too, since $480,000 from Hinsz's bonus counts against the Pirates' pool, and they're now approaching the point where they would start losing future draft picks if they signed anyone else for more than $100,000.

Anyway, this is good news -- Hinsz was a late-round pick, but he was among the better players the Pirates drafted, a young pitcher with decent velocity and a chance to make it as a starter. The merits of the Pirates' strategy in this year's draft were debatable, but they did a nice job getting everyone signed, and Hinsz is icing on the cake.