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Pirates place Andrew McCutchen on the 15-day disabled list

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have placed Andrew McCutchen on the 15-day disabled list (retro to August 4). Casey Sadler has been recalled from Triple-A Indianapolis to fill his spot on the roster.

This move is not a surprise, and probably overdue by at least three days. From the beginning, it seemed strange that a fractured rib could resolve itself in less than two weeks. Moreover, the risk of re-injury and the loss of the team's best player for a longer period of time in the middle of a pennant made rushing him back an obviously ill-advised approach. Indeed, yesterday Neal Huntington drew a comparison between McCutchen's fractured rib to a hamstring injury, in the sense that they are both subject to relapse.

"This is one a little bit like a hamstring injury, where you play to tolerance but there is the threat of regression and there is the threat of re-injury," Huntington said.

From the tone of Clint Hurdle's comments at today's press meeting, it would not be surprising if Neil Walker was next to head to the DL.

"With Walker, based on how he feels today, how many usable days would you have from him if you didn't put him on?" Hurdle said.