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Pirates promote Brandon Cumpton, option Casey Sadler

Justin K. Aller

The Pirates announce that they have promoted Brandon Cumpton and optioned Casey Sadler.

Cumpton will be pitching out of the bullpen. That's fine, but I'm hard-pressed to explain what this move accomplishes. Sadler only pitched two-thirds of an inning last night and he last pitched a Triple-A inning five days ago, so he should be fairly fresh. Cumpton is capable of pitching multiple innings, but then again so is Sadler, plus two other big-league relievers the Pirates don't like using very much. Cumpton has gotten better results than Sadler at the big-league level this year, but then I don't know why the Pirates didn't just promote him in the first place. Oh well -- it isn't as if it matters much. The Pirates won't be having Cumpton pitch in high-leverage situations.

Neil Walker, meanwhile, is out of tonight's lineup, but the Pirates say his condition is improving. Jayson Nix will start at second.