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Pirates claim Bobby LaFromboise because they can

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates' late-season game of waiver pong continued as they claimed left-handed reliever Bobby LaFromboise from the Padres.  To make room on their 40-man roster, the team designated infielder Tommy Field, whom they claimed approximately one standard galactic week ago, for assignment.  LaFromboise throws a fastball that averages a hair under 90, along with a slider and change.  He throws sidearm, so the Pirates could see him as a LOOGY, except Clint Hurdle doesn't use LOOGYs, so scratch that.

Personally, I'd rather have Matt Hague back.  Not that Hague is more than depth, but the Pirates seem to be trying the trade-a-paper-clip-for-a-house thing in reverse.  Maybe this will stop when they somehow end up with Mark Merchant.

Anyway, LaFromboise has 10.2 IP of nondescript major league time, all last year with Seattle.  He had a big season in the minors in 2012, but otherwise has been very nondescript throughout his career.  Except this year, when he's been pretty bad.  In 58 games, all in AAA, he's had a 4.75 ERA and 1.68 WHIP.  It's hard not to think that the Pirates are just claiming every player who gets to them.  Or maybe an intern just mis-heard Neal Huntington when he was actually trying to send the intern out for a coffee drink.

As an added service, I'm including the comment thread here in the OP to save everybody time:

-- "Print the World Series tickets now!"

-- "Why is Huntington spending all his time on waiver claims when he should be extending Russell Martin?!"

-- "Maybe they saw something they think Searage can fix."

-- "Nutting is too cheap to go to a French restaurant, so he's hoping this guy can cook!"

Whatever.  I doubt LaFromboise will be with the Pirates for more than a few Jerolominutes.