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Pirates officially moving Jamestown affiliate to Morgantown

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates are officially moving their Jamestown (short-season Class A) affiliate to Morgantown, WVU's athletic director Oliver Luck tells the Charleston Gazette (hat tip: Pirates Prospects). There will be a press conference this afternoon to announce the move.

This has been in the works for over two years. There were some hiccups relating to funding for a new ballpark, but it looks like plans are moving forward. (Which is a good thing, because WVU's current baseball facility leaves a lot to be desired.) Both WVU's team and the Pirates' affiliate will play in the new stadium, which will have 2,500 seats. It also will have a synthetic surface, which is a little strange, but I assume this will be a very nice facility, which isn't to be taken for granted in the low minors.

There aren't many people in Morgantown during the months when the New York-Penn League plays, but this is good news for Morgantown-area residents who root for the Pirates, as well as hardcore Pirates fans, who will now have a new minor league team that's within about an hour and 15 minutes of Pittsburgh.