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Andrew McCutchen leaves game with 'left rib discomfort'

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew McCutchen left tonight's game in the top of the sixth inning with "left rib discomfort." The injury initially appeared to be related to hitting the center field wall after making an inning-ending leaping grab in the third (pictured above). Following the catch, McCutchen leaned over and grimaced in pain, then he slowly made his way to the dugout, alternating between a slow jog and a walk.

After the game, McCutchen said his removal from the game had more to do with the general wear and tear of playing while trying to heal than with the catch in the third inning.

"[Hitting] the wall definitely didn't help, McCutchen said. "It's a mixture of everyday grinding it out ... It's takes six weeks for a bone to heal, so I'd be lying to you if I told you I'm healed. No, I'm not. It's one thing playing hurt and another playing injured. I'm just playing hurt right now."

After colliding with the wall, McCutchen remained in the game and struck out in the bottom of the third, and played center field in the fourth and fifth innings. However, after he popped out to right field in the bottom of the fifth, McCutchen gingerly made his way back to the dugout again. Clint Hurdle appeared to say something to him, and then Jeff Banister moved down the bench signaling to Jose Tabata to get ready.

McCutchen will be treated and re-evaluated tomorrow, but he sounded confident that he would not miss significant time, describing the pain as "nothing big"

"My plan is to wake up ready to go tomorrow," he said.

McCutchen was out from Aug. 4-19 with an avulsion fracture of the costochondral cartilage in his left 11th rib.

Pedro Alvarez was also removed from the game tonight with what Clint Hurdle described as a left foot sprain "between a couple of his toes."

Alvarez said that he injured his foot attempting to make a diving play on a ground ball hit down the first base line by Kolten Wong in the sixth inning.

"Just a little bit of discomfort just a little sprain," Alvarez said. "Taking it day-by-day. It doesn't feel good, but we'll re-evaluate tomorrow."