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Noted narcissist Jason Grilli criticizes Pirates front office

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Noted narcissist Jason Grilli is at it again, via Robert Morales of the Long Beach Press-Telegram:

"The job I’m doing now, I’m overqualified for," he said. "But I’m happy to do it because I’ve done everything from the front to the back to the middle."

Grilli has pitched pretty well for the Angels, and good for him for getting his season back on track after the mess he made in Pittsburgh, but his overall numbers are mediocre for a reliever. There's no compelling evidence that he's overqualified to be a setup man at this point. Of course, this is the same person who couldn't understand why the Tigers cut him in spring training after a season in which he'd posted a 7.40 ERA, and it's also the same person who compared himself to Nolan Ryan, Pavarotti, Albert Pujols and Jesus Christ in a certain recent book.

"I miss my friends. I’m not selling anything short of being a Pirate, but what happens sometimes in the trenches of the team is not always what happens up in the front office."

Which is as it should be. People like Jason Grilli should not run baseball teams, and a front office should have at least a bit of distance from whatever's happening in the clubhouse.

Anyway, that Grilli is saying this kind of thing isn't at all surprising. Even in his book, he writes about clashes he had with the Tigers and Rockies front offices, and he lashes out at the Phillies front office. He's also ripped the Pirates' front office before. It's what he does when a team rejects him. Or when anyone dares to put a microphone in front of his face.