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Pirates outright Tommy Field

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

The Pirates have outrighted infielder Tommy Field to Indianapolis. Field isn't even particularly likely to be a September call-up after the Bucs claimed him from the Angels earlier this summer, so he'll probably finish out the season with Indy. He's surely a better hitter than Michael Martinez, but then just about everyone is.

There is, of course, something way more pressing going on as I type this, but I'm sure someone out there was wondering, "Hey, what happened to Tommy Field, the infielder who had been in the Pirates organization for all of two weeks or whatever before being designated for assignment?" This post is for you, friend. You're probably the sort of person who spends lots of time fussing about the tiny gradations between "mint" and "near mint" as you gaze at your meticulously curated baseball card collection. Bucs Dugout welcomes you with open arms. Now go watch Edinson Volquez.