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Alen Hanson moving to second base

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have moved Alen Hanson from shortstop to second base, Pirates Prospects writes. This is no great surprise, since observers have had doubts about Hanson's defense for years. The Bucs say they aren't giving up on Hanson as a shortstop, with Larry Broadway saying that the moves increases Hanson's "versatility."

The Pirates obviously already have a starting second baseman in Neil Walker, who they'll control through 2016. It would be much more convenient if Hanson could stick as a starting shortstop, but if he isn't what he is, then there isn't much the Bucs can do. Given how close Hanson is to the majors (he probably needs about another year between Double-A and Triple-A), it wouldn't shock me if he ended up being a trade candidate, especially given the apparent behavioral issues he's had this year. That's speculation, of course.