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Neal Huntington: no trades imminent

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

No moves imminent

Neal Huntington said the team has been "aggressive" in the making waiver claims, but that not a lot of players the club feels would be "significant additions" have cleared waivers or made it to the Pirates.

"It's been a lower percentage of successful claims than ever before," Huntington said. "You expect the American League guys not to make it through the American League. But there have been some guys in the National League that have been claimed before they've gotten to us, which has been a bit of a surprise."

Huntington said the team has cast a wide net looking for additions and have not limited their search to relievers.

"It hasn't been a lack of effort or lack of interest," Huntington said. "But there is nothing imminent at this point."

Additions to the roster

With rosters ready to expand tomorrow, Huntington said there might be surprises, as guys who have put up solid numbers may not be promoted. The emphasis this season, like last year, will be on giving Clint Hurdle flexibility rather than simply rewarding minor league performance with major league opportunity.

"Guys you are probably thinking are going to be on that list tomorrow [won't be]," Huntington said. "There will be some surprises that will leave some people scratching their heads."

In terms of the number of players that will be added the roster, Huntington emphasized seeking balance between the "paranoia" of making sure Hurdle is never left short of options in a game in September, and adding too many players such that it disrupts the clubhouse.

Tabata a bad influence?

Huntington is surprised by recent reports that claimed Jose Tabata was outrighted partly because he was a bad influence on other other Latin players, specifically Starling Marte.

"[That's] news to me," Huntington said. "We hadn't heard that, we hadn't experienced that, and that wasn't the reason Jose Tabata was sent out."

Huntington continued: "Quite simply, the reason Jose Tabata was sent out was because we felt Travis Snider was a better fit on the club at that point in time, had a better chance of being claimed and being lost than Jose Tabata did at that point. It had nothing to do with impact off the field, it had to do with impact on the field."

Polanco important to Bucs postseason hopes

Huntington said that the reason Gregory Polanco was sent down to Triple-A was that he had started to look a little "rough" and that Travis Snider deserved to continue playing.

When he returns, Polanco will likely eventually move back to a steady starting role.

"If we're going to play October baseball, Gregory Polanco is going to have to play a hand in that," Huntington said.