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Gerrit Cole struggles through rehab start

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

WTM already mentioned Gerrit Cole's rehab performance with Indianapolis in the Matt Morris Report last night, but it's worth mentioning again here, especially given what Cole said after the game.

"We worked on some things and tried to clean some things up," Cole said. "It was not easy to take them into the game… It was definitely not full [effort] because we feel like that was what got me into trouble last time."

Cole added that he felt "pretty brutal" after his previous rehab start. So, two rehab outings in, Cole still isn't throwing at full effort. Hm. His fastball velocity dropped throughout his start, from 95-97 MPH to 91-92.

"I am just realizing that I don’t have a body of work to back up those types of velocities," Cole said.

You never really know what you're getting from rehab starts, and it might be a mistake to read too far into anything about them. If Cole returned to the big leagues fairly soon and pitched well, it wouldn't shock me. His comments, though, are troubling, in that they suggest he's still not completely healthy. The Pirates, obviously, can really use him.