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Links: Alex Rios, Dean Anna, Robby Rowland

Al Bello

A few notes:

-P- Alex Rios cleared waivers, so if the Pirates wanted to trade for him, they could. He's owed $3.62 million for the rest of the season plus a $1 million buyout or a $13.5 million option, which was probably just enough to disincline teams from claiming him. If the Bucs aren't going to place Andrew McCutchen on the disabled list, though, any talk of acquiring an outfielder is probably moot.

-P- The Pirates outrighted Dean Anna, who they designated for assignment when they signed Jayson Nix. It will be nice to have Anna stay with the organization (although it might only be for a few more weeks) -- he hasn't hit much at all this year, but in the past, he hit very well for a spare-infielder type.

-P- The Bucs have released minor leaguer Robby Rowland, the ground-ball pitcher they acquired for Brett Lorin a few years back. The former Diamondbacks third-round pick showed signs of modest promise at West Virginia in 2012, but didn't improve much after that and never got past Class A+.