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Another note on Josh Harrison

David Maxwell

My last post on Josh Harrison wasn't intended to use sabermetrics to dissect his season or anything like that, only to argue that Harrison isn't the perfect extension candidate right now (unless, of course, the Pirates can get a great price, which is true of pretty much any regular who's likely to be around for a few years). The one sabermetric-y comment in there, though, was a pretty dismissive one about his very high BABIP this season. I got into more detail in the comments, but I'd hate to have that BABIP comment be the last thing I say in a post about this, because it's plain to everyone who's watching the games that Harrison's season isn't purely a BABIP creation -- he's smashing line drives all over the place, which obviously should lead to BABIP increases that aren't driven purely by variance.

Today, Dayn Perry of CBS Sports wrote about Harrison's season in detail, and reached an even rosier conclusion than the one I'm trying to backpedal to. It doesn't change my opinion about a Harrison extension, which was rooted more in the fact that the Pirates control Harrison through his twenties anyway. But it's nice to read a positive sabermetric take on what Harrison has done this season, especially when you can look at that BABIP column and reach a conclusion that may, in this case, actually be mostly wrong.