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Pirates' Fall Instructional League roster

P2 has the Pirates' Fall Instructional League roster.  The primary interest stemming from the roster is the players from the DSL, because, usually with a few exceptions or additions, those will be the international players making the jump to the US affiliates next year.

The DSL players are listed at P2.  Tim Williams notes that the most interesting ones are probably RHP Richard Mitchell, SS Adrian Valerio, 2B Raul Siri, and OF Edison Lantigua.  Guessing which pitchers are going to be real prospects is pretty much a waste of time.  Joely Rodriguez, for instance, wasn't a prominent signee and was awful in the DSL, but now he's on the 40-man roster.  For what it's worth, Mitchell got some attention when he signed and throws pretty hard, but he's made slow progress over three years and hasn't missed many bats.  Tim doesn't mention RHP Yeudy Garcia, probably because he'll be 22 in a couple weeks, but this was his first year and he had good numbers, and he's 6'3", which is a decent size.

Valerio and Lantigua were two of the Pirates' more prominent signings in the last cycle.  Valerio is supposed to have an outstanding glove, so he'll be interesting to see.  His hitting numbers were decent for a kid in his first year who just turned 17 and who was regarded as a glove-first guy.  Lantigua put up very good numbers for a 17-year-old.  Siri had a big year, with a .955 OPS, but he was 19.  He might be a candidate to skip the GCL and go to Bristol.

Oh, and there's a guy named Mister Luciano.  So don't get any ideas.