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Video: Pirates celebrate playoff-clinching win

Kevin C. Cox

If you've already watched the broadcast or you check Twitter frequently, you've probably seen most of this, but if not, here are some of the highlights of the Pirates' playoff-clinching win and its aftermath.

-P- Here's the highlight of the Pirates actually finishing out the game.

-P- Here's video of part of the Pirates' celebration. It's pretty tame until the players get to Robby Incmikoski at the end.

-P- Oh man, this clip of Tony Sanchez partying:

Which, by the way, he also did last year.

-P- Andrew McCutchen smoking a cigar and videobombing a Starling Marte interview.

-P- Video of the Pirates clinching a playoff berth one year ago today. There's Russell Martin at the center of it all again.

-P- I enjoyed this shot of John Holdzkom and Andrew Lambo partying. Holdzkom's come a long way from independent ball. As he put it tonight, "Life's a trip, man."