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Links: Previews, predictions, and Edinson Volquez

Thearon W. Henderson

Here are a few links on our last day before the Wild Card game:

-P- As you've probably heard, there's a rally today in Market Square at noon.

-P- CBS predicts the Pirates will win tomorrow's game.

-P- FOX's baseball writers offer their predictions. C.J. Nitkowski has the Pirates winning not only the Wild Card, but the entire World Series, with Starling Marte as the series MVP.

-P- Bucs Dugout's very funny sister site McCovey Chronicles asks whether the Giants should even try to win this game, which gives a good indication of what the last few months have been like for the Giants.

-P- Here's Rob Neyer on the Pirates' Gerrit Cole/Edinson Volquez decision.

-P- From Forbes To Federal has a good take on what Volquez has done differently this season.

-P- This picture made me smile.

-P- A.J. Burnett might again be considering retiring.

-P- The Reds are likely to consider making front office changes, although they won't be firing GM Walt Jocketty, who they just extended.