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Jamey Carroll joins Pirates as special assistant


The Pirates have announced that Jamey Carroll has joined their front office as a special assistant. The front office has added plenty of on-field experience this offseason, with Carroll joining Kevin Young and former manager Grady Little.

The 40-year-old Carroll did not play last year. He appeared with the Twins and Royals in 2013. He hit .272/.349/.338 while playing mostly second, third and shortstop in a 12-year career. After coming up with the Expos, he played for the Nats in their inaugural season in 2005, then headed to Colorado and had his best year for then-manager Clint Hurdle, batting .300/.377/.404. He also appeared briefly for the Rockies during their World Series run in 2007, then played for the Indians (after Neal Huntington left) and Dodgers.

Carroll's on-base percentages always impressed me given that he had almost no power, so I wonder if he'll be working with hitters. He was a plus defensive player as well.