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Huntington: No problem with Radhames Liz's physical

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here are a few bits from Neal Huntington, courtesy of Bill Brink:

  • Both Radhames Liz and Huntington say there was no problem with Liz's physical. Initial reports had indicated the deal was for two years and $3 million, but the deal eventually turned out to be for one year and $1 million, and one report indicated that was due to the results of Liz's exam.
  • Huntington won't confirm the Jung-Ho Kang signing yet, although that's no surprise -- teams generally won't do that until a deal is official, even if the parties involved have agreed to terms. A report earlier today indicated that Kang had agreed to a deal for four years and an option, and Kang is scheduled to travel to Pittsburgh this week.
  • Unsurprisingly, the Pirates will invite Jose Tabata, who they outrighted in October, to Spring Training.
  • Pedro Alvarez will not attend minicamp, but Huntington says the Bucs expect Alvarez to be healthy in Spring Training. Alvarez, who missed time due to injury down the stretch, is still learning first base.